Phoenix Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust Attorneys

Pfarr & Rethore, P.C. is a boutique estate planning, probate and trust administration law firm located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our firm focuses on helping clients prepare for both the expected and unexpected changes in their lives. Our firm’s services include foundational and advanced estate planning, including trust, wills, tax planning, asset protection, gifting, probate, trust administration, and succession planning for small business.

Estate Planning

Our estate planning practice and tax planning services focus on building Life Plans for our clients. Estate planning historically has been viewed as a transaction, and rarely is a plan maintained throughout someone’s life. Instead, we view planning as a collaborative relationship, where together we make sure that your planning stays up to date with changes in your life and changes in the law. Whether you feel a will or trust based plan is suitable for you, let our Phoenix estate planning lawyers help you navigate through the myriad of choices you have as you consider your own planning. Our services also include preparation of appropriate financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, and living will.

Business Planning

Our corporate practice focuses on the challenges facing business owners throughout the start-up, growth and sale of their business. Our services include corporate formation including limited liability companies, subchapter S and C corporations, acting as corporate counsel for both profit and non-profit companies, serving as statutory agent in Arizona, and providing corporate governance services including bylaws, annual meeting minutes, and operating agreements.

Probate and Trust Administration

Our probate and trust administration practice focuses on helping families through the difficult time after a loved one has passed away. Most people if they are lucky have little experience in handling estate matters, and do not know what to do and when. Our Phoenix estate planning attorneys help families through this difficult time ranging from identifying assets and creditors, compiling tax information to facilitating beneficiary distributions. We assist clients with the preparation of probate documents and small estate affidavits as well as guiding successor trustees about what they do need to, and faithfully exercising his/her fiduciary duties.