Corporate Services

When beginning a new business or acquiring an existing one, it is important to consider the type of legal entity that will best serve your endeavor. The law provides for numerous possibilities ranging from a traditional corporation to a limited-liability partnership. The various states have become highly competitive in making its laws extremely "client friendly". We make it our practice to follow the development of these laws in the various jurisdictions so that we are in a position to advise our clients as to the most appropriate jurisdiction for them.

Selection of the most effective entity, and which jurisdiction to use, depends upon several factors, including how it will be taxed, what types of protection is to be achieved, the number of people involved, the amount of control over management desired, the purpose of the business, the transferability of ownership interests, and how long the business will be in existence.

Our practice in this area of the law is focused on helping a client choose the right business structure and jurisdiction, and once formed, facilitating the record keeping requirements. Most businesses need the assistance of an attorney to ensure their legal house is in order as they begin their new venture. Our firm philosophy is to be available, at a reasonable cost, to our business clients to help answer those day-to-day questions that come up in the ordinary course of business. By being proactive attorneys up-front, it has been our experience that our clients have been able to avoid many legal tangles later. We encourage clients to utilize our services in this regard to keep the small issues from becoming larger ones.