Estate Planning Services

At Pfarr & Rethore PC, we assist clients in currently 14 States – mostly in the Northeast and Southwest – create “Life Plans” for themselves and their families. In our unique Estate Planning process, we ask a lot of questions not normally asked, exploring the things that are important to you in order for you to maintain control of your life, and express your hopes and future vision for your family while protecting your heirs against the possibility of a predator or creditor frustrating your goals.

Traditional estate planning law firms focus on establishing a “Death Plan” for clients that hopes to avoid probate, save estate taxes, and transfer assets to heirs on a death. We believe that this limited approach to estate planning is no longer viable in today’s complex world.

If you have already done estate planning, how much input did you have in the creation of your plan? Were you presented with alternatives or was the planning “an everybody does it this way plan”? Did you have an opportunity to communicate your values, concerns or hopes? Was the plan developed the same one for every client of that office? Did the law firm talk about what happens when there is a stroke, disability or death? Will the law firm be available to support your spouse, significant other, children, and loved ones when the need arises? Was your wisdom process – what you think is important, what you have learned and important events of your life – part of the planning? At Pfarr & Rethore, we think this is essential and integral to any estate plan. To that end, we ask questions most advisors never ask. We want to know your story – what you envision as your future moving forward; what are you excited about; what keeps you up at night. Estate planning is not simply about passing on material wealth, it is about passing on the wealth of your life and your wisdom that will add so richly to the fabric of the lives who follow after you. At Pfarr & Rethore, we build and maintain Life Plans, because they do so much more.

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