LifeBuilders Membership Program

"Building Life Plans with LifeBuilders"(TM)

Our LifeBuilders Membership Program is an integral part of our estate planning process. It is designed to provide our client with a formal review and updating process to account for life's inevitable changes. There will be changes. They will occur in three areas: The Law will change. You (personally and financially) will change. Our advice, which is dependent on the law and your situation, will out of necessity change. We feel this is so important that the first year membership is paid by us with every new estate plan we create.

Our LifeBuilders services include:

Funding Assistance
A fully funded estate plan is essential to a plan that works the way it is intended. We will assist you review it and transfer additional assets acquired during the year or make changes to existing trust asset ownership.

LifeBuilders Management System
This technology gives you and your professional advisors the ability on our secure website server to manage your assets and vital documents through the Connect2a platform.

DocuBank Program
Timing is everything, and having access to your key healthcare documents when you need them most is essential. With your Docubank emergency card, this information is just a telephone call away, anytime, anywhere in the world twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It provides the security of a safe deposit box with the convenience of being in your wallet.

Preparation of Amendments
Word processing changes to your planning are included at no additional cost with your paid membership enrollment.

Annual LifeBuilders Membership Meeting
Each November we review developments in the law during the past year that may affect our client's planning. This meeting also provides clients with an additional question and answer session. Many years outside speakers are invited to attend to provide valuable insights to enhance our client's lives, and spark additional ideas about better planning opportunities for themselves and their families.

Quarterly LifeBuilders Membership Newsletter
Sent via email, our quarterly newsletter provides clients with unique and different insights into current topics about estate planning, and other topics of related interest to our clients.

There is no charge for reasonable telephone calls from you and/or your other professional advisors to our office.