Professional Advisors Collaborative Network

Our estate planning process is oriented toward working with the network of our client’s trusted advisors (financial planners, CPAs, insurance professionals, and investment managers). Our objective is to create a framework within which, a group of advisors work in concert, to help clients discover / uncover their vision of what they’d like their legacy to be. This includes not only the effect their wealth has, but also how their personal philosophies can positively impact their families, their business, their community and whatever other concerns they are passionate about. This holistic approach to planning results in a truly integrated and comprehensive plan that includes various strategies, techniques, guidelines and the supporting documentation for a custom solution designed on those principals that the client has identified to bring order from chaos.

Only by working in concert together with our client’s other trusted advisors are we able to ensure our client receives the best advice from different professional perspectives as cumulative thought yields results far greater than thought produced independently of each other. There is no room for egos, or separate agendas, only purposeful planning magnified by the trusted advisors collaboration. Our network of professional advisors share our values, are client-centered and not transactional-centered individuals, and enjoy the interaction and relationship we develop with our clients. If you feel that you have the credentials to be a member of our professional advisors collaborative network, please contact Susan in the Phoenix office or at