While not an endorsement, this list represents a cross-section of notable websites nominated by our clients and friends as being particularly useful to them and their families when searching for information about a given topic.sfaction with our services produces a mutually productive, rewarding relationship.

Estate Planning

Elder Law sourcebook:
Elder Care online:
Pfarr &

National Marriage Education, Research and Counseling Programs

Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills:
Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program:
National Institute of Relationship Enhancement:
Couple Communication:

Retirement Planning

Financial Planning Anonymous tool that matches private investors to the financial professionals who suit their needs.

Tax Planning How annuities work and what they cost. Check the financial strength rating of the insurers offering your annuity.

Assisted Living/Hospice guidance about end of life issues and finding hospice care.

Blended Family Resources A website with tools enabling divorced parents to share scheduling, medical school sports and cost splitting information about their children. Advocacy group providing information and support.

Child Caregivers

Adult – Elderly Caregivers posts a downloadable "Handbook for Long Distance Caregivers". assigns quality ratings to eldercare books, videos and websites. offers help finding type-of-care options. provides help finding a local aging agency near a loved one. helps find government programs offering financial assistance. provides a directory of geriatric-care managers.



Auction houses:



Generally for a searchable guide of the best hospitals and clinics. information for cancer patients on private flight services. for basic medical screening for everyone over 50 should undergo.

Advocates researches medical centers, doctors and treatment options. helps members understand tests or treatments recommended. physician referrals, insurance disputes and fee negotiation.

Tracking Down Clinical Trial Results

Electronic Medical Records The Foundation for E Health Initiative The Healthcare Information Management Systems Society The National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics

Spas that soothe

Health Planning

Living Well Organically

Government non-partisan site with research on elected officials, and progress of congressional bills. tracks soft money contributions, along with PACs and special interest groups.

General Interest shows the molecular beauty of everything from wine to computer chips to gems to cholesterol.

News links to over 70 major metro news organizations and 2,000 daily and weekly papers.


Virticulture Web-based inventory management

Personal Knowledge Open Course Ware from MIT, self-learning on the Internet